The Essential Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Cleanliness is an important part of the foodservice industry. You need to clean your restaurant daily to avoid contamination. Legislative requirements for you to pass health inspections also demand that your restaurant is spotlessly clean. Here’s a cleaning checklist for you to thoroughly clean your restaurant:

• Clean the griddle, grill, fryer, and range. Don’t forget to clean underneath the equipment.
• Wash rugs, aprons, towels and uniforms. Make sure you remove any dirt stains on them.
• Clean the walls of your restaurant as soon as you notice any splashes.
• Disinfect kitchen and dining areas.
• Wipe other kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, fridges, microwaves, and toasters.
• Sweep and mop the floor using a detergent. Make sure no stains or food remains are left.
• Dispose of the trash. Ensure that the trash can is cleaned before taking it back to the disposal area. Also, disinfect the disposal area.
• Refill used up soap dispensers and paper towel rolls.
• Sanitize faucets and sinks.
• Steam clean restaurant tables.
• Wash the utensils, glassware, and flatware. Leave them to air-dry overnight.
• Clean ovens. Manufacturer’s instructions need to be adhered to when doing this task.
• Clean the restrooms. This needs to be done regularly.
• Clean any spills on the menus.
• Wash your cheese and meat slicer.
• Wash and sanitize your prep tables and cutting boards.
• Wipe and disinfect the prep area.
• Clean your floor mats.
• Clean chair and table legs. Wipe the benches and seats.
• Drain clean the floor drains.
• Defrost and clean fridges and walk-in refrigerators weekly.
• Sweep and clean the storage area weekly.
• Inspect your pest traps.
• Clean and pump grease traps.

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A restaurant cleaning checklist translates to a well-organized business. These tasks can be delegated to restaurant employees for thorough cleaning to be done. A clean restaurant translates to better food and happy customers.

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