DIY Dining Room Chairs fait accompli

Before you ask, where are the feathers, let me just say I am as disappointed as your are. But in all reality, they didn’t look that great in a dining room. So I have moved on, accepted, bowed down too the decorating gods and kept it simple. Non the less I love my new table and chairs.

The table as I discussed before, was purchased at Pier One. BUT, the chairs, oh my what a smokin deal! I found them at a thrift store for $5.99 a piece. Can you believe it?

Hence this DIY portion.  : ) All pretty self explanatory.

Yucky stain fabric was removed STAT and I think I Cloroxed the chairs at least five times before painting them! lol

Had to show off my cute pink tool kit, I always use!

Fete Compli – Done – Finish and I love it

This weekend I’m purchasing the rug to soften the look of the tile and warm up the room. More decor to be added as well.

Next after the rug comes the mirrored dining hutch. I’m really into mirror furniture and I have the perfect spot right below the window.

Also finished my grand daughters room which I will be posting tomorrow. Can not wait to show it to you. Crystal columns, purple walls, remember, yes that room. It’s finally done as well!

I decided to install a grease trap in our kitchen, installed by a grease trap installation service.

Happy Decorating

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