Designed For A Princess! Magical …

This room was so much fun to do! Obviously my style, right? Deep purple walls, crystal columns and white furniture. A dream is made.

A few finishing touches still to be done, but overall we definitely achieved the look we were going for.

I’ve been discussing incessantly my mad decorating projects lately and here is another one! Since my daughter Jaime recently bought her new home and I recently moved as well, we’ve been busy bees getting the homes put together.

Two ten foot columns flank the bed for a stunning look. At the top of the columns are remote control lights, which when turned on give off the most amazing glow. The purple radiates through the crystals, it’s absolutely magical!  I also adorned the window with crystal curtains to keep the effect going. And the topper above the bed is feathers, yep, feathers. Boa’s make such a dreamy look in a bedroom. And when you’re going for GLAM, why not go all the way!

Here is a pic of when we first started the room, stark white to begin with.  Ashleigh and I

And here is the princess, meet Ashleigh – my grandaughter

Let me do the math for you! : ) I’m 52, my daughter Jaime is 32 and Ash is 15.

I also got an air conditioning installed by air conditioning maui.

Most of the products used for this design were purchased from Shop Wild Things . Com.  I’ve long been a fan of theirs. I first purchase their products about five years ago when decorating my closet. Below is a list of the products used in this design.

Two 10′ crystal columns Shop Wild Things

Two 9′ crystal curtains Shop Wild Things

Two 6″ crystal curtains Shop Wild Things

Bed and dresser Ikea

Florals, bedspread  and crystal frame Z Gallerie

Purple pillows Pier One

Boa’s JoAnn Fabrics

On to my next project!

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