10 Home Maintenace Tips For Both Inside & Outside Your Home

Once you have a home, it is imperative that you take care of it, especially if you want it to last at least the rest of your lifetime. The current condition of the home will determine how much maintenance and repair work that it needs and the worse thing that you can do is to ignore serious issues. With that said, we will look at a couple of home maintenance tips for both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Maintenance

1.Squeaky Floors

Wooden flooring tends to develop squeaks over time and this can be quite annoying to constantly deal with. As a result, you can get rid of these noises by using talcum powder and sprinkling it in the area where the squeaking is coming from. Make sure that enough powder gets under the cracks and you should solve your squeaking issue.

2.Stained Bathtubs

Next, over time, your bathtub will become quite stained due to water stains, minerals in the water, dirt, etc. As a result, you will need to deep clean your bathtub every so often. However, instead of using a chemical-based cleaner, you should consider using a mixture of lemon juice, cream of tartar and baking soda. Simply create a paste by mixing one part of baking soda and one part of the cream of tartar along with the lemon juice. Then, apply it to your bathtub, allow to soak for a few hours and wash off.

3.Drywall holes

If you have holes in your drywall, you can easily fix them by buying spackle from your local home or hardware store. Apply it into the hole, allow to dry and then sand the area. Once that is done, you can paint it and your wall will look brand new.

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4.Problematic Locks

Over time, keyholes tend to become sticky and not work as properly as they should due to a build-up of dirt. You can fix this by applying dry lubricant into the keyhole or even some graphite shavings.

5.Wobbly Showerheads

A wobbly shower head is quite a nuisance and this can be fixed by using expanding foam and applying it between the gap of the flange and shower arm. This will dry and fill up the extra space that is causing the wobble.

Another is air conditioner repairs. It is best and safe to handle it from a pro. Air conditioning Maui can help you with any problems related to air conditioning.

If you have grease trap installed in your kitchen, clean it regularly. Call a grease trap service Seattle they are professional in cleaning grease traps.

Outdoor Maintenance

1.Cracked Concrete

If your driveway is concrete and you notice there are cracks, then it is important to fix these right away since they will expand over time. You can easily fill them with caulk or a compound.

2.Flaking Painting

Your home’s exterior paint job has many purposes, besides making your home look good. It actually keeps moisture out and prevents weather damage. So, once your paint starts to fade or flake, you should definitely re-paint your home.

If you have installed stucco a long time ago and you found cracks on it, call a pro to fix it. Stucco contractors San Jose can provide efficient and invisible stucco repairs.

3.Clean Your Gutters

Guttering tends to collect debris and leaves over time, so cleaning them every couple of months is important. This will prevent rainwater overflow which will protect your home from mold and water damage.

As well as your roofs. Repair it if needs it to be repaired or replaced. Maui roofing provides advanced solutions to any problem you may be having with your roof.

4.Repair Rotted Windows

Wooden window frames tend to rot after some time has passed and you should remove the rot and replace the missing wood with wood filler.

5.Clean & Seal Your Decking

If you have a wooden deck, you should definitely thoroughly clean it by power washing. Once you have done so, you should check to see if the stain needs to be re-applied and re-sealed.

Another is trim trees. You can let it to tree services. Tree service Alexandria VA has crews that are excellent in customer service and honesty.

Lastly, pool projects like resurfacing and plastering. Maintaining your pool can increase value to your home. Pool resurfacing Plano is a trusted pool company.

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