The Essential Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Cleanliness is an important part of the foodservice industry. You need to clean your restaurant daily to avoid contamination. Legislative requirements for you to pass health inspections also demand that your restaurant is spotlessly clean. Here’s a cleaning checklist for you to thoroughly clean your restaurant:

• Clean the griddle, grill, fryer, and range. Don’t forget to clean underneath the equipment.
• Wash rugs, aprons, towels and uniforms. Make sure you remove any dirt stains on them.
• Clean the walls of your restaurant as soon as you notice any splashes.
• Disinfect kitchen and dining areas.
• Wipe other kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, fridges, microwaves, and toasters.
• Sweep and mop the floor using a detergent. Make sure no stains or food remains are left.
• Dispose of the trash. Ensure that the trash can is cleaned before taking it back to the disposal area. Also, disinfect the disposal area.
• Refill used up soap dispensers and paper towel rolls.
• Sanitize faucets and sinks.
• Steam clean restaurant tables.
• Wash the utensils, glassware, and flatware. Leave them to air-dry overnight.
• Clean ovens. Manufacturer’s instructions need to be adhered to when doing this task.
• Clean the restrooms. This needs to be done regularly.
• Clean any spills on the menus.
• Wash your cheese and meat slicer.
• Wash and sanitize your prep tables and cutting boards.
• Wipe and disinfect the prep area.
• Clean your floor mats.
• Clean chair and table legs. Wipe the benches and seats.
• Drain clean the floor drains.
• Defrost and clean fridges and walk-in refrigerators weekly.
• Sweep and clean the storage area weekly.
• Inspect your pest traps.
• Clean and pump grease traps.

Let your grease trap cleaned from grease trap services.

A restaurant cleaning checklist translates to a well-organized business. These tasks can be delegated to restaurant employees for thorough cleaning to be done. A clean restaurant translates to better food and happy customers. 

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8 Instagrammable Spots You Shouldn’t Miss In Maui

Want to post as you click on your visit to Maui? Here are the top eight Instagrammable spots that you need to visit:

Haleakalā Volcano

Reach the top at 10,023 feet, and a heavenly view is waiting for you. Take filter-free Instagram photos of Maui right from the summit.

Wai’anapanapa State Park

The aquamarine waves offer the perfect contrast to the jet-black sand. Take some stunning portraits keeping the endless sea in the background.

Kula Farms

Come in October, and you will see its famous pumpkin patch. The breathtaking views of the ocean from this island overlooking this pumpkin are truly Instagrammable.

Red Sand Beach

You saw the black sand beach; now try the Red Sand Beach. It is one of the most underrated places in Maui but makes for a hell of an Instagram story. The red sand and green water of the sea contrasts perfectly for filter-free photos.

Sunflower Field

Once a sugarcane field, the Sunflower Field is a popular tourist destination because of thousands of sunflowers growing in one area. It’s like a sheet of the yellow blanket from afar.

Ho’okipa Beach

It’s not often you get to post photos of turtles on Instagram. Ho’okipa Beach provides you the right opportunity as turtles often come to the shore to sunbathe.

‘Iao Needle

This erosional feature looks like a massive pillar reaching 1200 feet from the ‘Iao Valley. Talk about sky-high; this one is an example of that phrase.

The Pipiwai Trail

Hike your way through the Haleakala National Park and reach Pipiwai Trail. You wouldn’t want to miss this magical place for good. Keep your phone close because you may want to click everything you see here. The two-mile trek is worth traversing, especially with the waterfalls and greenery all around.

You can rent a car from Maui convertible rental to be able to visit all instagrammable spots in Maui. 


DIY Dining Room Chairs fait accompli

Before you ask, where are the feathers, let me just say I am as disappointed as your are. But in all reality, they didn’t look that great in a dining room. So I have moved on, accepted, bowed down too the decorating gods and kept it simple. Non the less I love my new table and chairs.

The table as I discussed before, was purchased at Pier One. BUT, the chairs, oh my what a smokin deal! I found them at a thrift store for $5.99 a piece. Can you believe it?

Hence this DIY portion.  : ) All pretty self explanatory.

Yucky stain fabric was removed STAT and I think I Cloroxed the chairs at least five times before painting them! lol

Had to show off my cute pink tool kit, I always use!

Fete Compli – Done – Finish and I love it

This weekend I’m purchasing the rug to soften the look of the tile and warm up the room. More decor to be added as well.

Next after the rug comes the mirrored dining hutch. I’m really into mirror furniture and I have the perfect spot right below the window.

Also finished my grand daughters room which I will be posting tomorrow. Can not wait to show it to you. Crystal columns, purple walls, remember, yes that room. It’s finally done as well!

I decided to install a grease trap in our kitchen, installed by a grease trap installation service.

Happy Decorating 


A Perfect Home For Fabulous – Closet/Office Inspiration








This closet/office from Dulce Candy looks as if you go could shopping for days in there! I especially adore the functionality of the design. With the desk position in the middle, if leaves full access to the fun and fabulous glamour that is just waiting to be worn!

She converted her garage which gave her ample space to work with and by the looks of it she needed every square inch.

Happy Sunday Dolls! 

Glamour Decor

Designed For A Princess! Magical …

This room was so much fun to do! Obviously my style, right? Deep purple walls, crystal columns and white furniture. A dream is made.

A few finishing touches still to be done, but overall we definitely achieved the look we were going for.

I’ve been discussing incessantly my mad decorating projects lately and here is another one! Since my daughter Jaime recently bought her new home and I recently moved as well, we’ve been busy bees getting the homes put together.

Two ten foot columns flank the bed for a stunning look. At the top of the columns are remote control lights, which when turned on give off the most amazing glow. The purple radiates through the crystals, it’s absolutely magical!  I also adorned the window with crystal curtains to keep the effect going. And the topper above the bed is feathers, yep, feathers. Boa’s make such a dreamy look in a bedroom. And when you’re going for GLAM, why not go all the way!

Here is a pic of when we first started the room, stark white to begin with.  Ashleigh and I

And here is the princess, meet Ashleigh – my grandaughter

Let me do the math for you! : ) I’m 52, my daughter Jaime is 32 and Ash is 15.



Most of the products used for this design were purchased from Shop Wild Things . Com.  I’ve long been a fan of theirs. I first purchase their products about five years ago when decorating my closet. Below is a list of the products used in this design.

Two 10′ crystal columns Shop Wild Things

Two 9′ crystal curtains Shop Wild Things

Two 6″ crystal curtains Shop Wild Things

Bed and dresser Ikea

Florals, bedspread  and crystal frame Z Gallerie

Purple pillows Pier One

Boa’s JoAnn Fabrics

On to my next project! 


Weekend Side Project … Organize Me Please

I’ve now moved on to my bedroom from my other little side projects and yesterday I decided to tackle my jewelry. I found this wrought iron rack that USED to be brown, in my garage and decided to give it a fresh coat of paint. Voila …  makes a perfect place to store some of my necklaces!

These are the ones I wear most often, if I put all of them out I would need about 20 of these.  lol

Pics below are what I use to store some of my favorite bracelets and rings.

Hope you’re having a happy Labor Day weekend!